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New additions and equipment for the BUFF® SCOTT MTB TEAM 2018

New additions and equipment for the  BUFF® SCOTT MTB TEAM 2018

The BUFF® SCOTT MTB TEAM 2018 has arrived with developments and new additions, striking a perfect balance between youth and experience. This year’s team includes the riders Joan Llordella, Enrique Morcillo, Adrià Noguera and Francesc Guerra, who all renewed their contracts after last year’s excellent season. Among the new signings are Luis Leao Pinto, a top-level veteran and leader in the MTB world with major victories to his name, and Miguel Muñoz, Spanish runner-up in the Marathon category who, despite his fairly young age, has already demonstrated his high quality. It’s an impressive group of racers who are set to compete in the main races on the national and international calendar and who make a perfect combination of experienced riders and racers with lots of projection and development.

The continuity of a team with these characteristics, after the successes that they achieved last season, is another example of both BUFF® and SCOTT’s commitment to Mountain Biking. For both brands, the passion for the sport and for the effort is a constant which guides their actions and activities, and which leads them to continue lending their support to the creation and maintenance of a team like the BUFF® SCOTT MTB TEAM. It also allows them to test their products. This year’s team are really looking forward to the season, and with the trust and confidence of both BUFF® and SCOTT, it will be very successful.


For this upcoming season, the BUFF® SCOTT MTB TEAM racers will use the Spark RC 900 World Cup and the SCALE 900 WC in competitions, and they’ll use the Addict RC for training on the road.

The SPARK RC 900 WORLD CUP, designed using extremely light materials, is a full suspension bike which is ideal for stage races. For races on fast and more technical terrain, the racers will use the SCALE RC 900 WC, a bike which represents the new competition benchmark in terms of lightness and rigidity. And for sessions of strength and endurance, there’s the ADDICT RC model, this season’s training bike.


The team will wear a range of BUFF® products, including different neck tubular like the Original Microfiber, the Thermonet model for winter, the Reflective design and the Windproof. For the head, there’s the Microfiber Polar Hat, a fleece-lined hat which keeps your head warm at all times. As a headband, there’s the Tech Fleece Bandana model which, as well as having a comfortable design, provides visibility in low-light conditions. There’s also the Fastwick Headband, the brand’s most technical and lightweight headband which, thanks to the Fastwick Extra Plus fabric, rapidly absorbs sweat and stays dry, providing breathability and extra moisture control. The Windproof Headband is also ideal for fighting against the wind. And since not everything is a competition, the brand has also included its Trucker Cap Starky hat design for leisure.


The BUFF® SCOTT MTB TEAM maintains the support of the best sports brands. It has also broadened its collaboration with other brands from other sectors which still maintain an important link to the sport, such as MARQUÉS DE RISCAL and GRUPO ADI.



MARQUÉS DE RISCAL has been supporting sporting events for more than 30 years because it shares the values of effort, improvement, and teamwork. Since 1986, it has been a partner company of the Spanish Olympic Committee and the official wine for all events organized by this organization. It’s also the wine in the Casa de España (House of Spain) that the Spanish Olympic Committee has in every Olympics that are celebrated in the world. After golf and horse riding, basketball and cycling are the latest sports to receive support from Marqués de Riscal, as demonstrated by its collaboration with the basketball team, Baskonia, and its support for BUFF® SCOTT MTB TEAM.

GRUPO ADI. Grupo ADI is a family and international company based in Spain with a corporate structure in Algeria, Brazil, China, Egypt, France, India, Morocco, and Portugal. Its core business activity is the distribution of chemical products for industrial use. For the Simó Pons family, the creators and founders of the group, both their work and sport are a genuine passion. The philosophy of life, health and the objective of self-improvement that sport brings are extrapolated to all areas. This is why Grupo ADI provides sponsorship and gives contributions to companies and sports teams which share the same values, such as the BUFF® SCOTT MTB TEAM for example.

INVERSE is still the official supplier for BUFF® SCOTT MTB TEAM’s equipment. This includes a new open-structure cycling jersey from the high-quality RACE 2018 range which is breathable, aerodynamic and fully adaptable. The racers will wear new highly elasticated shorts, which enable great absorption and expulsion of humidity and which manage to control lactic acid, delaying muscle fatigue and helping to oxygenate the blood.

PowerBar, the high-quality sports supplement brand, will once again be supplying new flavors of energy bars to team members to maintain effective nutrition.

The South African brand Squirt has also given its support and will provide the team with high-quality products such as Squirt Lube, a wax lubricant; the cleaner/degreaser Bio-Bike; the sealant SEAL; and the ointment Squirt Barrier Balm.The team will once again carry Sahmurai Sword repair kits for tubeless punctures which are integrated into their handlebars. Furthermore, the bikes will be equipped with Silizonez de Supacaz handlebar grips, a high-performance model from the brand which specializes in producing premium handlebar tape and grips.

Finally, it’s time to highlight the participation of MSC BIKES, which provides the team with top-of-the-range tires: MSC TIRES. After many years at the top competition level in Mountain Biking and DH, and after extensive experience in the cycling market (since 1999) selling and distributing components and bicycles, MSC BIKES has undertaken complex research and development work.




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