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Núria Picas: the new UTMB® 2017 queen

Núria Picas: the new UTMB® 2017 queen

The summit of the trail running has a new queen: Núria Picas. The BUFF® Pro Team athlete has been runners-up in the 2013 and 2104 editions, wanted to win this epic competition.

The UTMB® go around the Montblanc, with the start and the finish line in Chamonix (France). 171 kilometers, with 10.000m+, are waiting for all the Braves that they want to be heroes.

After the victory (25:46:53h) Núria Picas commented:”It is a dream to win this race after so many years. All summer I’ve worked hard to make this happen. The last part, the last few kilometers, was the most difficult part when I had an asthma attack and couldn’t breathe well, which made it difficult for me to run and I lost the advantage of more than 40 minutes that I had maintained after Chaverot’s withdrawal. But finally, the dream has come true.”


The BUFF® Pro Team ambassadors were again among the favorites and did not disappoint with their performance. Zach Miller, a new BUFF® signing, was in the top positions during the initial 100 km, alongside names such as Kilian Jornet, Pommeret, d’ Haene and Walmsley, until he lost strength on the climb to Col Ferret and was no longer able to keep pace.


In spite of this, he managed to stay calm and ended up in ninth place at the finish line. Didrik Hermansen’s new signing of BUFF® Norway also played a great role with his 13th position, staying close to the top ten until his finish. Manuela Vilaseca was forced to retire at km 99 due to eye problems and Pau Bartoló, who ran alongside her partner Núria Picas, also abandoned at km 90 due to pain on the sole of her foot.

TDS® [Sur les Traces des Ducs de Savoie] 119 km – 7200m+

In the TDS® the BUFF® Pro team had the participation of Ernest Ausiró. In spite of starting the race with very good sensations and staying practically throughout its entire development in the 10th position, Ausiró abandoned the race at km 74 for discomfort on the soles of his feet.

CCC® [Courmayeur-Champex-Chamonix] 101k + 6100m+

As for the UTMB®’s little sister, the CCC®, the ultrarunners Yeray Duran and Álvaro Reyes, from BUFF® Mexico, participated. Duran, who climbed spectacularly from 38th to 9th position – from km 10 to 82-, could not finish the race due to the consequences of the heavy fall he suffered.  Álvaro Reyes also had to retire at km 71 for bursitis.

OCC [Orsières-Champex-Chamonix] 56k – 3500m+


And in the OCC®, the youngest runners of the BUFF® Pro team played a very important role, with Ivan Camps’ podium and the 4th position of Mario Olmedo. Both athletes ran together from km 1, climbing up positions at a good pace, and moving from 12th and 13th position to 3rd. and 4th position.

Ivan Camps:”The race started at a very high pace. I thought I couldn’t hold it so I decided to stay a few minutes from the race head and get close to them in the middle. From km 42 onwards, we approached the 3rd and 4th classifieds and, in last control before entering Chamonix, it was when I saw that he was entering the podium “.

Mario Olmedo commented:”Despite the fast pace of the race, I had a very good feeling and in the last descent I managed to position myself in fourth place, just behind my teammate”.

BUFF® Partner Oficial

At the Ultra Trail Show, BUFF® had its own traditional space, the BUFF® Non Flat Zone, where  which the limited edition BUFF® UTMB®, also available online, a Trucker cap, a Pack Run Cap, a tubular and a headband and where BUFF® products could be customised on site.