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Presentation of the BUFF® SCOTT MTB TEAM

Presentation of the BUFF® SCOTT MTB TEAM

The new BUFF® SCOTT MTB TEAM, made up of the riders Ismael Ventura, Joan Llordella, Enrique Morcillo, Adrià Noguera, Francesc Guerra, Ramona Gabriel and Paula Quiñones, with Pau Zamora as the team manager, will compete in the most important trials on the national and international calendar in the Marathon discipline. A set of racers whose goal is to lead the classifications of the main races.

This perfect combination of experienced riders and promising young ones with a bright future is yet another step in the two renowned mountain bike brands’ commitment, since both have proven experience in competition and a team of their own in this discipline.


A perfect mix of experience and potential in the two sports brands’ focus on the MTB

The riders in the BUFF® SCOTT MTB TEAM will combine the Spark 900 WC RC and the SCALE 900 WC RC to compete, and the Addict 20 disc for their road training. The new SPARK RC is Scott’s flagship and represents the brand’s true DNA. With a geometry better adapted to today’s XC, with more rigidity, a lighter weight, and a lower center of gravity, this bicycle is the current world champion and winner at the Rio Olympics. For the quicker legs, the riders will use the SCALE 900 WC RC, a bicycle with a fully racing geometry, with an extremely lightweight carbon frame and components that include the SRAM Eagle.


Likewise, BUFF® has developed a series of exclusive personalized models for the team: the BUFF® SCOTT Knitted Hat with fleece lining that keeps the head warm when practicing outdoor sports; the BUFF® SCOTT Helmet Liner, a short tubular with soldered seams to prevent abrasion, which makes it perfect to wear under the helmet, with Fastwick Extra Plus fabric that quickly absorbs sweat and allows riders to stay dry; the original emblematic BUFF® SCOTT HIGH UV PROTECTION, a multifunctional, lightweight seamless tubular that offers 95% protection against the sunlight, quickly absorbs sweat and protects against foul odors thanks to its Polygiene® technology; the BUFF® SCOTT FASTWICK HEADBAND, the brand’s most technical, lightweight headband which uses Fastwick Extra Plus technology to quickly absorb sweat so it stays dry, offering extra breathability and moisture control; and the Tucker cap, perfect for lifestyle moments.


Furthermore, the BUFF® SCOTT MTB TEAM was created with the support of several of the best sports equipment brands, since the sponsors include the most prominent companies in every sector.

logo inverse

INVERSE will be the official equipment supplier of the BUFF® SCOTT MTB TEAM. The equipment includes a jersey from the high-quality RACE line, whose fabrics are open-structure to ensure outstanding breathability and sweat-wicking. It is a very tight-fitting jersey to increase comfort and aerodynamics with LYCRA sleeves which perfectly mold to the anatomy of the arm, as well as an elastic band at the waist with silicon dots and edges to prevent it from shifting from its ideal position. The Bib-short is made with extremely stretchy LYCRA SPIRIT fabric which is extraordinarily breathable, plus it has a high capacity to absorb and expel moisture. This bib short actually controls lactic acid, delaying muscle fatigue and helping to oxygenate the blood, and its TITANIUM straps fit perfectly, since they are cut from a single piece. It comes with hypoallergenic silicon dots at the end of the leg to ensure that they stay in place, and the pad is the right size, shape and thickness. Likewise, the technical garments that INVERSE has made for the team are subjected to a sublimation process with ecological dyes that ensure that the colors do not lose their brightness with use and time.

Bollé 868kb

BOLLÉ, the French brand of sunglasses and goggles will provide the team with its iconic Aeromax model which includes B-Max technology for a broad field of vision both vertically and horizontally, while also maximizing comfort and air flow, providing unique vision. The Thermogrip® temples and nose pads offer perfect fit and stability. This model comes with the Bollé B-Clear lens, with a structure in Trivex NXT™ which offers matchless optical quality, is featherweight and provides the maximum resistance to impact. These glasses are also hydrophobic and oleophobic so that water droplets are dispersed, practically eliminating any potential blotches and dirt.

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Likewise, the riders on the BUFF® SCOTT MTB TEAM will be equipped with state-of-the-art technology from the Spanish GPS brand TwoNav. The team members will be the first to use the model designed specifically for MTB, the TwoNav HORIZON. This powerful device, launched as Full Connect™, has total connectivity with BLE and ANT+ sensors, Wi-Fi, BT and mobile phone notifications. Likewise, thanks to some of the most highly advanced software on the market, Land 8, the BUFF® SCOTT MTB TEAM will be able to download and prepare for all the legs in the race by having all the maps of the countries they will visit at hand, along with the profiles and the altimeters, and they will even be able to see the maps in 3-D.

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Regarding food, the high-quality sports supplement brand PowerBar will be in charge of supplying the team members with bars, gels, energy drinks and tablets that will help them maintain effective nutrition, a key factor in achieving high performance in both competition and training.


Squirt2013Sahmurai with text vector formatlogo-supacaz

Furthermore, the benchmark Squirt brand will offer the team its Squirt Lube product, the wax lubricant that has revolutionized the segment because of its surprising durability. It is able to clean and protect the transmission because it does not use added humectants, along with Bio-Bike, the ideal cleaner/degreaser for bicycle maintenance which is also respectful of both the environment and the material. The South African brand will also add the SEAL sealant, a product with quick-acting particles to seal any leak while remaining respectful of the tires and offering a long shelf life, along with the Squirt Barrier Balm ointment, another crucial element in guaranteeing long trainings and competitions with lanolin, a natural moisture-immune, long-lasting substance.


The team’s handlebars will carry the tubeless leak repair kit Sahmurai Sword, which is easy to transport and safe for the biker, and which repairs holes that sealants cannot close up. It is ideal for the marathon races in which the BUFF® SCOTT MTB TEAM will compete.


Finally, the riders’ bicycles have been equipped with Silizonez grips from Supacaz, the California brand specializing in manufacturing premium bar tape and grips. This is a model that merges high performance and style. The performance stems from its sound grip in all kinds of conditions and the use of silicon memory foam, which allows the grips to recover their original shape, increasing their capacity for absorption and lowering the exhaustion of the hands and the entire upper body. The touch of style comes from Endz bar ends, which always come engraved with the brand’s star and provide a personalized touch to each frame.



January           Costa Blanca Bike Race

February:        Andalucía Bike Race

March:            Cape Epic

April:               Volcat

May:               Rioja Bike Race

July:                Bike Transalp

September:    Swiss Epic 




Ismael Ventura: Biker who is the 6-time champion of Catalonia, 5-time champion of Spain Team Relay and 4-time winner of the general race in the Catalan International Cup, among many others.


Joan Llordella: former member of the MTB Buff® Pro Team, he is the 2-time winner of the Rally of Sardinia (Italy); a 4-time finisher of Cape Epic; earned 1st place and twice 2nd place in the Trasandes Challenge (Chile); twice finished the Andalucía Bike Race; came in 2nd in Sudety (Poland); and was twice a finalist in the Chemins du Soleil (France).


Enrique Morcillo: Worth highlighting is his 3rd place finish in the Titan Desert (Morocco) in 2015, his win in the Titan Desert stage (Morocco) in 2016; his 7th-place finish in the Costa Blanca Bike Race 2016 and his status as 3-time champion on the Balearic Islands.


Adrià Noguera: He participated in the last Andalucía Bike Race; finished 5th in La Leyenda del Dorado (Colombia); finished in 6th place in the Transylvania Epic (United States); 7th in the XC Championship of Spain 2016; 3rd in the Eliminator Spain Championship 2016 and 2nd in the Empordà Extrem 2016.


Francesc Guerra: His major accomplishments in his sports career include the sub-championship of Spain XCM 2015 and the International Catalan Cup XCO 2015; champion of the Scott Challenge by Volkswagen 2015; champion of Spain XCO -Team Relay 2016; and champion of Catalonia XCO. 2016; Champion of Catalonia XCM. 2016; 1st place in the Spain Open XCO in Castejón de Sos. 2016.


Ramona Gabriel: 2nd in the Ultramarathon Championship of Spain in 2015 and 1st in the Ultramarathon Championship of Catalonia the same year; 5th ranked in La Rioja Bike Race 2015 and VOLCAT (2016); 1st in the Titan Desert in 2016; 4th in La Rioja Bike Race 2016; and 1st in the Ultramarathon Championship of Spain (2016).


Paula Quiñones: She participated in the Titan Desert; La Rioja Bike Race; Andalucía Bike Race; Costa Blanca Bike Race; Los 10.000 del Soplao; Pedals de Foc Non Stop; La Madrid-Lisboa Non Stop; and this year she came in 2nd in the Championships of Spain XCM in the M30 category.


Original BUFF® and SCOTT


The BUFF® SCOTT MTB TEAM is the result of pooled efforts and a major push by the leading brands in their respective segments. Original BUFF®, which specializes in sports accessories for the neck and head, and the renowned sports supply company SCOTT, joined forces to creating the leading team in this harsh discipline, which is a reflection of their belief in the culture of sports and effort.


The team will have its own communication channels on the social media to track the competitions and the evolution of the season.



https://twitter.com: user @BuffScottMTB