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BUFF® Running Caps Collection: Something New Under the Sun

BUFF® Running Caps Collection: Something New Under the Sun

For the next SS18 season, we expand its line with a wide collection of caps specially designed for running. The BUFF® Running Caps collection presents a new series of caps and visors offering optimal protection against ultraviolet rays, and that keeps the sun out of the eyes, which makes them an indispensable accessory. Among the more popular styles is the BUFF® Run Cap with a five-panel structured design


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The new BUFF® Run Cap features a five-panel-structure design with a soft molded visor, which increases protection against sunlight while maintaining optimum visibility. The inside headband along with the side panels are made of breathable fabric, which absorbs moisture and offers optimal sweat management. The rear-fastening tape, and the ultra-light, bi-directional elastic manufacturing materials make it an ultra-comfortable model.



The extended-version model of the BUFF® Pro Run Cap is a high-tech sports version specially created for long distance runners. UPF 5gorras running0 protection against the sun’s rays, laser holes at the rear of the cap, and breathable side panels promote sweat expulsion and evaporation in high-intensity activities. In addition, there are two different positions where sunglasses can be conveniently connected to the cap.

The BUFF® Pack Run Cap, the first ultra-light model (weighing in at just 30 grams!), is now available in new colors and patterns. This model still has the exclusive Fastwick Extra Plus fabric on the sides, which improves breathability and absorbs moisture. The reflective logo on the front, and a security strip on the back guarantee visibility in low-light conditions.

The exciting new BUFF® TSmall-117250.715.20.00rucker Tech Cap is the best bet for running. It’s a more technical version of the modern Trucker cap model, specially designed to make you look great and shine during each race of the season. It has a flexible fit and a band on the inside to impro
ve breathability and help with perspiration, without sacrificing style.





The Visor is one of our most “mythical” accessories for runners, and now it’s been reinvented!  New colors, the latest technology, reflective and adjustable – it provides optimal protection against the sun and is ideal for jogging when the weather is pleasant.

The BUFF® Pack Run Visor has also been redesigned with new colors and patterns. It has reflective details on the front and back that increase visibility and an inner band that absorbs moisture. It’s light, and it compresses easily – the subsequently recovers its original shape with just a flick of the wrist. An indispensable accessory for trail running activities!