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Top 3 CrossFit workouts for beginners

One of the greatest and most community driven workout groups in the world is CrossFit. The mixture of fast workout training (HIIT), heavy weight training and being involved in a community has pulled us all in. There are not many exercise groups that encourage you to support, talk and be there for one another. But […]

JolandaLand Episode 2 – ‘Pending ‘

  Building on its successful debut, a new edition has arrived of the documentary about the life of professional cyclist and BUFF® ambassador Jolanda Neff   A long road to recovery After the excellent reception of the documentary’s first episode, in which Jolanda revealed her personal and professional life in her first year as a […]

What are the benefits of practicing yoga outside?

Yoga has long been a sport which encourages you to check in with yourself, relax, destress and most importantly, reconnect with nature. Many of us take our matts to classes and studios, but what about taking your yoga practice outdoors? The outdoors yoga benefits are endless and to encourage you to take your matt outside, […]

City Running: The best way to expore your city

City running is a brilliant way to get you out of the house, into the outdoors and a great way to explore your city. It’s also important to make sure you’re wearing the right running accessories as you explore. We at BUFF® have great running accessories for every season and style, helping you run through […]

Introducing ‘JolandaLand’, a new six-part film series

ORIGINAL BUFF, S.A and Jolanda Neff are proud to present a new six-part film series titled ‘JolandaLand’. The new documentary series produced by Steel City Media aims to give the audience a true insight into what Jolanda and friends get up to both on and off the bike, keeping things fun, fast and fresh, between […]

How to be more sustainable when spending time outdoors

Finding ways to be sustainable in everyday life is now constantly on our mind. Especially amid the current climate crisis. Making small changes from eco-friendly accessories to getting more educated has certainly helped. But what about when it comes to the outdoors. How can we find ways to be more sustainable when spending time outdoors? […]

BUFF’S® commitment to the environment also present at UTMB® 2019

Barcelona, August 2019 – For yet another year, BUFF® the brand for neck and head accessories will be present at the next edition of UTMB® and this time, it will be there in two different ways. On the one hand, through the important participation of the BUFF® PRO TEAM athletes in four of the races: […]

The brand has unveiled the new items for the AW17-18 season at the ORIGINAL BUFF® International Meeting

November 14, 2016.- Once again, Barcelona was the city chosen to hold the BUFF® International Meeting, which was held November 10 and 11, and where the main new items for the AW17-18 season were unveiled. For this occasion, the brand invited more than 120 distributors and representatives from all over the world, who came from […]

Ski racer Tina Weirather, latest member of the BUFF® Ambassadors team

ORIGINAL BUFF® and its team of ambassadors welcomes Liechtenstein-native and six- time World Championship winner, ski racer Tina Weirather. Weirather’s passion for snow and skiing comes as no surprise: she is the daughter of ski pros Harti Weirather and Hanni Wenzel, Olympic and/or World Champions on several occasions. Weirather has belonged to the Liechtenstein Ski […]


“An adventure, an experience rather than a race” This is how our ambassador defines its participation in the MTB Himalaya, with 650km of route and 15000d +, that took place during 7 days in northern India. Pau Zamora shared this adventure with several riders from different parts of the world, from native competitors to great […]