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Struggle and teamwork in the Catalunya Bike Race

Struggle and teamwork in the Catalunya Bike Race

Last weekend, the members of the BUFF® SCOTT MTB TEAM, Francesc Guerra, Enrique Morcillo, Joan Llordella, and Adrià Noguera, participated in the Catalunya Bike Race. Three days of real mountain biking with a route 160 kilometers long and 4,880 meters of ascent in the heart of the Catalan Pyrenees mountains signaled the end of the season for the bicycling team.

This harsh competition tested the physical and mental condition of the BUFF® SCOTT MTB TEAM racers, who gave their all while competing in the different stages.


After mid-race in the first stage, the favorites began to stand out, with a group of 6 racers who were far ahead of the crowd. They included Enrique Morcillo, who ended up in third place in the sprint for the victory, and Francesc Carrera, who ended up sixth after losing a few seconds because of muscle cramps. Likewise, Joan Llordella and Adrià Noguera finished this outstanding race within the top ten.


The second stage was marked by Francesc Guerra’s initial fall, although he ended up starring in an incredible come-back as he managed to pass 500 riders and end in 5th place. Adrià Noguera and Enrique Morcillo were not quite as lucky, as they had flat tires and thus lost out on the chance to vie for the places of honor and the overall rankings.

The third and final stage began with Francesc Guerra vying for the victory. The indelible image of the day happened when Enrique Morcillo stopped to help his teammate Joan Llordella after he got a flat tire. Likewise, Adrià Noguera ended in a respectable sixth place, which catapulted him to seventh in the overall rankings, while Francesc Guerra, still in pain from his fall the day before, ended up in eighth place in this stage and a remarkable fourth place overall.

Despite the problems that the team had to face, the racers finished the Catalunya Bike Race and the season putting up a good fight and outstanding teamwork, with the finishing touch being the retirement of Joan Llordella after 25 years as a professional rider and 7 years competing for all in MTB over the world for BUFF®, which wants to thank him for all his effort and commitment over these years.

The team’s results in the overall ranking of the CBR were:

Francesc Guerra 4th, Adrià Noguera 7th, Joan Llordella 12th and Enrique Morcillo 13th

It was an extraordinarily successful 2018 season, outstripping all expectations for the team’s second season. With such important victories as Francesc Guerra and Luís Leao Pinto’s 4th place in the Cape Epic, Enrique Morcillo’s 2nd place in the ABR and the Rioja Bike Race, Enrique Morcillo and Francesc Guerra’s 4th place in the Swiss Epic competing against the top teams in the world, and Francesc Guerra’s 4th place in the Catalunya Bike Race. It was a great season for the BUFF® SCOTT MTB TEAM, full of good feelings, sportsmanship and amazing results.