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About BUFF®

Joan Rojas is a name you might have not heard before. This Catalan businessman was born to change things. Away from everything common and a good friend of obstacles, Joan always chose an alternative path. By doing that, he was able to make a difference.

Around 1992, Joan was already a passionate motorcyclist, in love with the feeling of freedom he had when riding his motorbike around the roads of Igualada. It was then when he realised his army neck warmer was not enough to keep the cold away while being comfortable to wear.

The day came when Joan decided he wanted to create exactly what he needed. Day after day, he worked at his family’s textile factory in Igualada drawing, thinking and chasing the product he needed. And so it finally arrived: a seamless tubular garment made of microfiber.

Joan’s idea started small. At first, only his relatives and friends used the Original BUFF® tubular. Soon enough, people started taking interest and Joan finally decided to launch his first collection. Only three years later, the tubulars were already distributed around Germany, France and Switzerland, and so BUFF® became the brand we already know.

The success arrived thanks to lots of hard work, big confidence and apetite for changing things. Joan Rojas’ tireless, insatiable and non-conformist nature was part of the start, and it always remains as a core part of BUFF®.



At Original BUFF® S.A we create, design, produce and distribute over 90% of our products in Igualada (Barcelona), the place where it all began. The central offices and factory are based on the same 800 sq/m premises; thanks to that, we can control most of the production and distribution processes while ensuring the highest quality.

Our star product is the multi-functional tubular Original BUFF®, an original and practical garment to protect kids, adults and event pets against the extreme cold, the frozen wind or the burning sun. Today, we export to over 60 countries..

BUFF® goes beyond functionality and it is also a form of expression: BUFF® tubulars are made to practice intensive sports but also to walk around the forest or even around the city.

We are non-conformists and we want to take things further, creating a lifestyle. Reinventing the everyday to be original.